Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Let's not weaken the judiciary!

The word SUPREME in supreme court is being challenged everywhere.
People question the supremacy of the apex court, point fingers at the court decisions. Though it looks democratic to raise a question, at some point it may disturb the constitutional strength of our country. Especially in the case of SC's verdict on DMK's statewide bandh attempt. Karunanidhi is not a very great advocate of 'India as a nation' theory. He always questioned Hindi as national language. It's just because of political compulsions that Karunanidhi looks a bit democratic. This time he tried to question Supreme Court's judgement by breaking the court's order.(Had to surrender when Supreme court threatened with President's rule in Tamil Nadu)
But what shocked me is the statement given by the central govt and the communist party. They shamelessly backed Karunanidhi.
In the bargain to please a vital UPA partner, the Govt weakened a constitutional machinery. Slammed one of the pillars of democracy! Not a healthy development!

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