Monday, October 1, 2007

Filthy rich cricket needs no pampering!

Are cricketers a 'pampered lot'?
Many of us agree. Cricket is a lucrative sport in this country.
And I can understand BCCI offering loads of moolah to the winning team, because BCCI will earn millions of dollars too.
But I really can't understand state govts announcing lakhs of rupees for these cricketers. Mind you, this money belongs to the people of the country who pay in the form of taxes! I would be happy if some politician announces cash reward from his own personal bank account!
Cricketers don't need such a pampering as cricket is already a winner in terms of money. Look at some other games which need some generous patrons.
Just imagine a cricketer who played three games for India in T20 and already having a crore in his bank account. Hope he can focus on the ball well!

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