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cartoon process

I think the idea of posting the cartoon process (under-construction) has worked out well.Some of the mails/scraps I have received suggest that, they have been curious to know the process. The process differs from one person to another. Ofcourse it's natural. Some don't want to use pencil at all. They enjoy using wacom pad which gives an impression that you're directly drawing on the screen. Anyway it's individual choice.
But this process is just a drawing part. Isn't it necessary to have a glimpse of thoughts that go into any cartoon? I'm sure it will be interesting for some people. Let me tell you, the thought process is more tiring and tedious than the actual drawing.ON some days, ideas for daily cartoon come easily without much efforts. But sometimes, to come up with an idea is as tough as finding a lead for a daily newspaper!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Three stages of an illustration!

This blog space helped me to reach so many of cartoon lovers who are not necessarily Midday readers. That has been my intention of starting a blog. Midday, being a tabloid is not fancied by many ‘traditional’ newspaper readers.(The irony is more and more morningers are taking tabloid path!)

Some of the cartoon lovers who keenly follow cartoons around the world, show amazing enthusiasm to learn the basics of cartooning. They want to learn few tricks of this art and expect some drawing tips from me. I feel privileged to be in a such a position. But being a untrained cartoonist, I don’t have a set of rules to draw. My learning has been through trial and error (most of the times, errors and eraser!) But I know one right way of becoming a good cartoonist. PRACTICE!

Nothing can match this rule, even if you’re trained or untrained artist.
I’ll try to post some tutorials which can illustrate my own way of cartooning. I don’t want to say they are the RIGHT way. But I also want to post some of my drawings in different stages of sketching, from pencil sketching to coloring on computer. Hope you’ll enjoy them.

This sketch is done for a question of a reader in Midday’s popular column DEAR DIANA. Drop me a line what you think

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