Saturday, March 31, 2007

Humour works!

Phew! this technology!
I have been searching every button on this blog to find an option to make a slideshow, but failed. I was trying to make a slideshow of my cartoons.
So, I had to post each of the cartoons separately :-(
Just wanted to share some of my works.
Some ideas come naturally, some after a lot of head-banging.
I enjoyed the process of generating an idea and executing it through drawings. I hope you'll enjoy reading them. Have fun!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Cricket-crazy Country!

Our boys are back, though empty-handed!
But we hardly returned from abroad, with our hands full, excpet in 1983!Our performances overseas have been below our potential. We hardly won any series abroad. Even in our last tour to the Caribbean, we lost miserably.
Still each one of us have an expert opinion about Indian Cricket team’s loss in the World cup. Sometimes I wonder we all talk like Cricket pundits. As Viv Richards says, we are still babies in our minds.
Come on guys, Cricket is afterall just a GAME! We make heroes out of cricketers because we don’t have enough heroes in other spheres of life. We worship cricket and media contributes 24X7 in making cricketers larger than life figures. We should stop seeing them as superheroes, they can’t be! They are not!
We don’t care a damn when our elected leaders don’t perform. We go back to the polling booths and vote them! We don’t burn their effigies or attack their bungalows when they are caught in some scams! We don’t throw stones at Bollywood stars when their films flop!
Then why do we target cricketers when they don’t perform. Do you know that these cricketers are not even representing our country? Technically they are representing an independent body BCCI! We don’t even have any right to question their performance also
That’s the irony! We are too much obsessed with cricket, and we don’t have any other option. It’s our opium and we survive on it. But our memory is short! In our next tour to Bangladesh we will beat them black and blue…and all our anguish are gone! We’ll start worshipping them again! They’ll be our heroes again!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Welcome to Cartoonist's world!

this world is fantastic!

I love this cyberspace which connects me to billions of people all over the globe.
Look at the possibilities, I can show my cartoons to billions of netizens!
I can deliver smiles too! I hope my cartoons bring smiles on their faces.

Hmm...well, this is Satish Acharya, a cartoonist working with an English tabloid, Mid-day in Mumbai, India. I'm not supposed to be a cartoonist, if you're a purist! I have no training in drawing, no certificate in journalism(atleast I think cartooning is a strong branch of journalism)!

But if you have a passion for something and determined to toil, no profession is alien!

Looking back, I feel so proud of the moment I decided to take up cartooning as a profession. I just love to draw cartoons! As a kid, I never imagined that someone will pay me for drawing cartoons! Thanks to all the great cartoonists like Laxman, Mario, Ninan etc whose cartoons I tried to copy, I can call myself a cartoonist. Amazing journey!

Hey, that's enough for an intro. Isn't it?

Why not let my cartoons do the talking, instead?

Welcome to my world, a cartoonist's world!

Hope, I can deliver smiles!