Tuesday, September 25, 2007

T20 brutally murders ICL!

T20 has left an impact on all cricket lovers which will
take many many thrilling ODIs to erase!
One reason could be India won the trophy against
all the odds and in a fashion which suits true champions.
This form of cricket is exciting, more unpredictable and gripping till the last ball...
Just the kind of stuff audience would love to watch in the stadium.

This may not be the pure form of cricket, but the way Indian team adapted to this form really touching. And all the credit to our new captain, who's calm-composed unlike his batting style.
But I do have a slight doubt that the captaincy has taken away the explosive nature of Dhoni's batting. He's become more cautious and more calm!

While the whole country is soaked in the glory of T20 victory, one thing went unnoticed.
What's happening to ICL? When T20 World Cup began, ICL was all over the news channels and papers. But as India progressed to higher stages of the championship, people prefered to ignore everything about ICL. May be cricket fans are more obsessed with the Indian cricker's victory than who governs the cricket. And rightly so!

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