Saturday, September 22, 2007

Can the judiciary be above the law?

Satyameva Jayate
(Truth only triumphs)

We have been taught in schools; we have been reminded at all the govt offices which are supposed to provide justice. And we have been harshly reminded that there’s no truth in those two words!
Is judiciary above the law?
Can you separate the judge from the individual?
More questions and no answers!
That’s what Delhi High court’s sentencing of four Midday journalists brought us to.
They were sentenced for the story on former CJI Sabharwal.
The tragedy of the judgement is that the High Court sentenced them not for the false story, but for pointing a finger at an ex-CJI! That amounts to the contempt of court!
The ideal situation would be to investigate the allegations made against Mr. Sabharwal and make a judgment on the correctness of the story.

You cannot demand sanctity.
You have to command sanctity through your conduct.
We have been reading the mythological stories of how even Gods had to prove their innocence when allegations were leveled against them. Lord Krishna had to prove his innocence. And the best way to bring sanctity to the chair of CJI is to investigate the charges against Mr. Sabharwal and prove his innocence.

That will add more sanctity to the highest chair of the Judiciary.
That will command more respect for the judiciary in this country.

And that will surely keep the fourth estate of Democracy, the press, on high alert!
(Ironically the above cartoon couldn’t be published in my paper because some journalists thought it may be risky. And I’m posting it here at my own RISK!)


Anonymous said...

You are wrong mister cartoonist!! Because now some journalists using their paper to insult the celebrities
who they don't like and praise some whom they like. Hence this type of censor should be there.And this type of punishment will teach some bad jurnalists.

Evil Soul Lives For Ever said...

I am sorry to say but the above blogger is wrong if he want to know more about the issue follow this link or contact me..

sat said...

Mr. anonymous,
I have no idea who you are, but have a feeling that you're biased against the media!
Mr.Sabharwal was not a filmstar or cricketer to scandalise him and get mileage out of it.Though Midday is a tabloid, I'm sure any publication would dare to touch a former CJI, if it didn't have genuine evidence.

And I'm not talking about the story being genuine or not, my point is to give the truth a chance to defend. If truth fails, hand the journalists!
I hope, it convinces you a bit.
Thanks for following the blog.
God bless you!